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Look Homie, to keep it brief, we can show you how to...

βœ… Start (or fix) your business by crafting the right message to the right audience to avoid major headaches, setbacks and frustrations...

βœ… Grow your business with high quality traffic so you can convert offers easier...




βœ… Scale your business with simple systems and processes to lead a lifestyle business you desire...


About Fred (in my best cerebral... corporate voice, lol).

For more than 20 years, I’ve been growing and scaling high-level sales and marketing strategy (and operations) for mid to enterprise-level companies in the automotive OEM worlds and car dealerships across the country.




I've also worked with small business in different verticals that have generated sales in the billions annually.


(whoopty doooo)


I’ve consistently grown startups from $0 to over $100 million in annual sales for several companies, all of which are still in business today with valuations of over $1 billion.


(good for them)


Since that time, my focus has been with launching online business startups, providing high-level marketing and messaging strategy for online coaches and experts, and growing brands (and making deals) in the cannabis industry.


(now we're talking, lol)




We just launched a decentralized cannabis broadcast media platform for emerging markets across the globe.




And I’ve done all of this with small teams, rolling up my sleeves...




...working side-by-side mentoring my clients.


Teamwork makes the dreamwork.  Let's figure out where the blindspots are today so we can handle them together.

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