In the beginning was the word...

...and then it got commoditized.

Nobody cares. Attention spans are low. And if you can't grab attention then you can't get that dough.

According to Time Magazine (2015), did you know goldfish now have a greater attention span than humans?

With that said, we need strong messaging these days to convert audiences into action.

How? Branding and marketing these days must be authentic. It has to feel real.

We need to show our target market in less than 2 seconds we can help them with our product, service or offer.

Strong writing like this can help you out, but it's not for everyone. It's only reserved for the ones brave enough to put their voice out there and lead their power through the power of words.


The Honjo Masamune of Writing

Forged from over 26 years of civilian and military practice, I help you channel your inner shogun so we can slice through online and offline market noise like a well-crafted piece of Japanese steel cuts through thick bamboo like butter.

I can either do it for you (or with you) so your authority can show while that bottom line can grow.

Together, we'll craft unique and distinct solutions done for you at a fraction of what you'd typically expect.

I got you. Book a call today and let's chat.


Writing and Communication Coaching? Done For You Services?

Yes! I want to tailor your words around your audience's minds so they know your solution is for them.

High-Converting Emails? Yes.

Sales Copy That Engages and Inspires? You're looking at fire in motion right now.

Getting The Right People In Front Of You? Of course.

Please bring what you have already, even if you're starting from scratch.

I provide very simple writing creative to create high-converting assets.

I show you how to push powerful sales copy; relevant direct messenger strategies to share your passion with authority; provide social media posts to your newfound friends that motivate them to connect with hope and inspiration; and reveal transparent, real, human stories that move them to take humanistic action every time they see you through your words and your brand.

The Bottom Line: if you ain't bringing the heat, customers ain't bringing marshmallows for you to eat.

Whether just starting out, stuck in place, or ready to scale; if what I said above hits that nerve inside your brain jussssst... right... you're in the right place.

Why? I've played at some of the highest levels of communication since my door-to-door sales career back in 1993.

All of my research & insights, brand marketing, and copywriting roots stem from receiving formal, professional military training in the disciplines of mass communication, broadcasting, and journalism (and the award-winning practice of these disciplines) since 1996.

Whether done for you or done with you, my proprietary creative methodology is for anyone who wants to:

1. Make An Impact With Their Business...

During our breakthrough session, I walk you through a concierge-style experience. Its sole purpose is to help us understand where you currently are, and where you'd like to go.

We'll also be able to see opportunities to close marketing gaps that affect your bottom line.


2. Stand Out From The Competition...

Standing out is incredibly important in today's competitive market, but it can be hard to do without applying the right tools or seeking mentorship.

My goal is to help you get results. If you've read this far, you are my people.

Let's hit the market in a way that brings out your creative voice in a way that's slightly different than the competition.


3. Get The Most ROI For Your Marketing Dollar...

It's tough to identify the right target market and difficult to grab attention.

Without communication that connects and converts, all of that effort is wasted.

We write with Unique Positioning Principles to identify audience needs and craft targeted messaging so you get better results than ever before.



4. Follow Your Passion and Fix The World...

Our clients love impact.

They want to inspire and help others; achieve success while uplifting the human condition.

So don't waste any more time struggling with ineffective marketing and advertising campaigns - let us show you how to motivate and inspire your village to action.


Ad Creative Examples

If you're looking for an inspiring approach to engage your audience, iFix.MARKETING™ is here for you.

Words matter. Relationships matter. I want to show you why I'm the dependable, honest, and reliable writer you can count on.

So if you're looking for an ethical firm that will always be prepared to do business the right way, then look no further than me.

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