I Shall Mention No Names (Illuminati Nerd Flow) Warmup

This is all I do... all day!

I come up with dope concepts and show others how to do it too.

Creative Intelligence is an at length mind-body skill set to improve communication with yourself, others, and the world around you via sales, marketing and advertising channels, music, etc.

My method fosters, empowers (and even forces!) creative intelligence by developing sparring creativity in thought to emerge new ideas beyond the scope of even this.

In test after test, through my creative processes experimentation with language flow and other subconscious/conscious art forms like photography, writing and speaking, or dance, it's irrefutable we can navigate these techniques, allowing for unlimited expression breakthroughs with my approach.

My style will help cultivate and increase relevant communication skills; formulate sharper critical thinking, develop smarter (and authentic) strategy-building, deploy braver decision-making, communicate a more special and greater acknowledgment of blessings...

...and less time hanging out (and sulking) in victimhood in Blame Land!

These benefits in my method build into undeniable confidence for yourself and your audience through powerful message creation with on-the-fly deliveries like this!

In this specific example, I focused on an experimental freestyle flow in music launch to identify word integrity, syntax bulkiness and thought breakage for mega-creators who freestyle their expressions.

The flow was getting too dense toward the last 14 to 15 bars because the 12th and 13th bars had 4-6 thoughts attached to them.


I'm doing self-coaching to identify opportunities to increase communication skills because I eat my own cooking. 😎😎😎


So if you're looking to:

• Improve "can't miss" ways to exponentially accelerate communication skills in a variety of areas...
• Generate brilliant ideas through using ancient secrets to stimulating connection with people in unique and unconventional forms...
• Improve communication at the center of business; namely getting ahead using creativity...
• Increasing everything you need to project self-confidence on stages, in print and online...


• Encourage creative thinking that leads to true innovation...

Then listen to this episode.


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Let's go.



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