Case Study: The 5 Step Path Our Clients Use To $100K+ In Less Than 18 Months...

Discover the unique and simple method that's generated over $100,000+ per year for individual retail automotive salespeople in 18 months or less... even if you're new to the car business and don't know where to start...


Is it still possible as a sales or F&I professional today to make over $100K+ in the car business in annual income, even if starting out or being in the business for a few years?

It's totally possible, even if it's at a dealership that has major challenges.




While sales trainers train you to be manipulative, I show you how to get to the core of a person's emotions as fast as possible.

While sales managers tell you that you should nurture your prospects THEN eventually win them over as clients (or contact them until they "buy or die"), I show you how to transform prospects into clients FASTER than you ever thought possible.

And believe it or not, when these sales trainers say you should ask for the sale, you know what? I show you how to close the deal without asking for the sale AND get repeat and referral business out of it from your raving fans.

Of all the really terrible marketing ideas... like cold calling and bugging your friends by phone or email... cold calling or emailing for used car trades out of the newspapers or Internet... dealers increasing the advertising budget... just to mention a few...

Virtually every dealer, OEM executive, salesperson, closer, F&I Manager, GM or GSM has bought into at least ONE of these common but poor solutions. These ideas are not only bad for growing and scaling businesses... they directly affect how people approach sales and marketing as well.

And all of the people I've ever worked with always ask that ONE question.

One question that, if answered, will send them away knowing they got more than their time's worth from working with me.

One question, if answered, that will encourage them to spend more time with us and re-ignite their burning desires for more time, freedom... and money.

One question I will definitely answer:

“How can I improve my ability to get new clients?”

My name is Fred Smith. I'll share a bit of my credentials in a moment. For now, here's what I can promise you:

There's not a coach, trainer, guru or speaker alive that can teach enterprise-level, results-oriented sales and marketing skills like I can.

That's not meant to brag. It's meant to cut through the clutter.

It is my passion and has been my purpose since 1996.


I trained my daughter how to sell cars and she's currently in the top 3 nationally for her OEM and in the top 3 in her dealer group (she's under 21).

I trained my wife how to sell cars, desk deals and manage people in a dealership; and compliantly run big numbers in F&I. She's currently #1 in her dealer group for F&I and has less than 2% chargebacks.

My 17 year old wants to start selling cars because of the success pattern we've cracked for the car business.

Our family debriefs every... single... day... about challenges, missed opportunities and what our wins were for the day.

It's safe to say we're a car family.

I started in the retail car business after leaving the Marine Corps back in 1999 and have spent nearly the last 20 years consulting, facilitating and coaching multiple 6-10 figure dealer principals and their sales and management teams, OEM C-Suite executives and their verticals, brokers and vendors, "train the trainer" automotive sales and marketing experts, F&I Managers, assistants and directors; service drive and other automotive industry professionals with the disciplined action methods packed into my methodology.

Since then I've also launched and scaled 5 upstart insurance companies in the car business from $0 to $100 Million+, each in less than 5 years of their respective startups.

With my last team, we held the #1 spot in all 9 key performance indicators for 14 months straight and was #1 overall region (out of 5 regions total) for the full 24 months I ran the region; despite our region having a headwind of selling 5,000 - 6,000 cars less than the other regions nationally.

This is why I’m the perfect addition for growing and scaling your business.

"Fred has been a great resource for motivation and encouragement. He strives to point my associates and I in great directions in our lives to get the most out of our abilities."

Lance Nemergut
General Sales Manager at Cerritos Acura

"Fred has a genuine interest and passion for seeing people grow to their fullest potential. He was a great partner on our regional team, very introspective and highly intuitive, and he brought those attributes to a unique insight as to how to motivate and inspire the F&I and Sales Departments in our market. He clearly understands that it is the customer who comes first, and focuses on making sure everyone in the dealerships build relationships with the customers, as well as encouraging dealership employees build relationships with themselves to increase teamwork and performance. He is a valued partner, and I wish him well in his future endeavors."

Dan Chirilov
Regional Used Vehicle Director

"Fred is a passionate, detail-oriented, compassionate person with a knack for getting to the bottom-line in any situation. His hard work, integrity and continuous want to "Pay it Now" is one of the reasons we are still in business today......LaVelle Wilson"

LaVelle Wilson
Sales Consultant at Cardinale Way Hyundai

"Fred is a true professional to work with. He brings real world experience, as well as in-depth knowledge to the table. Additionally, he works with each individual helping them to be the best they can be, maximizing their potential, while delivering bottom line results. All of this while being a genuinely very nice guy. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Fred. He's definitely a one-in-a-million."

Curt Russell MBA
Field Account Manager - Mercedes Benz at AutoPoint, a Solera Company

"Fred is a great asset to any company he represents, I had the benefit of working with him twice in my career at Autonation and when I was with VW a he was with JMA. A great guy and a valued relationship. Thanks for all the support over the years!!! John Canales"

John Canales
General Manager Latus Harley-Davidson and Managing Partner at Studio-FV

"Mr. Fred Smith has a outstanding ability in the Insurance Development Management division of Autonation. I would not hesitate to use him in any Auto sale or sales process to better your dealership."

Bud Wilson
Used Car Manager @Smolich Motors

"I had the opportunity to work with Fred Smith in several different scenario's throughout my tenure with JM&A Group. Fred was my Senior (supervising and training me), my co-worker (working along side of me), my study partner (preparing for difficult testing), but most importantly, Fred was always my MENTOR. Fred is highly professional, confident, compassionate, dependable, articulate, and intelligent, in addition to being an excellent sales professional and trainer! I would recommend Fred Smith to anyone looking to add an AMAZING professional to their organization."

Nikki Hinz
Finance Director

"As a strategic business partner, Fred has proven to be an invaluable resource to help drive results. Fred is committed, works hard and possesses the expertise to truly support our dealers with improving their bottom line - profits. I would recommend Fred to anyone who is committed to improving their business results."

Jeff Schipani
Manager, Customer Experience at Audi of America

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