If You Want To Be The Hero Of Your Own Story In Business And In Life, Then You Need To Pay Close Attention.
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"I've Had A Lot Of Success With Startups. I've Helped Several You Know Of Start From Nothing And Grow To Be Worth Billions. Now I Want To Share My Secrets For How You Can Do The Same Thing...

...And The One Law That Goes With It."

Thank you, James Dentley, for such a heart-felt conversation brilliantly communicated on so many different levels of awareness.

Let's get started right now with no judgment? Reading past this implies YES. If you like what James Dentley said about me.... cool! This is THE BEST way to reach me. Fill out the form below so we can connect (and you can get to learn more about me from a safe distance).

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It's An Almost "Magical Way" For Us To Learn How To Pull Ourselves Up By Our Bootstraps From Nothing... To Succeed!

I left my old life to start a new one because I was ready to throw someone out of a window. Leaving everything I knew was hard at first, but it was worth it because now I'm healthier, happier and much more free.

In my blueprint, you will discover: 

✅  The 5 most common "clumsy mistakes" 90% of all startups and "business scalers" make...

✅ A simple, practical solution for processing and accepting your challenges; demonstrated on this audio…

✅  The major flaw in understanding what's really holding you back… and how to fix it now

✅  The dirty, ugly secret of why accepting adversity actually empowers you

✅  The only time we should view our mistakes and setbacks as learning opportunities…

✅  Why certain "famous" gurus lead you astray in changing your negative thought patterns (and I share with you how I shifted mine)…


In this book, I reveal what I learned to pivot and prosper into this world... without all the marketing hype and guru nonsense out there.

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Truthful. To the point. And I just might have some shyt to say that's super profitable and personally helpful too.

There's a lack of understanding about how breakthroughs work and we need to fix this problem.

Most people don't know where to start when they want to learn this skillset...

...until now. The answer is creativity.

You see, most people think of creativity as something for artists and musicians, but this couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, creativity can help you in every aspect of your life by making you more productive and helping you get better, more tangible results.

I'll show you how to take action on your ideas and make them a reality so that they can improve your life both professionally and personally.

My goal is to give you the best insights on how breakthroughs work so you have the tools necessary to develop new habits for creating solutions it in everyday situations for yourself, your customers, family members and clients!

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