Serious Talk and Fair Warning. This isn't your average call.


This call is for people who want real results. I love everybody but please don't act like you understand how I think if:

1. Myself or the team haven't directly invited you to connect (we're asking you to connect for a reason, not just for money)...


 2. You aren't in my personal phone...



3. Gone through my stuff ...





4. Haven't bought any of my shyt just to understand the context of the mission me and the team have for people who really want help.


I make no apologies for who I am and world leaders I serve directly ARE OKAY with who I am enough to endorse me.

love people a whole lot and my tone and directness will shock you if you can't take a direct response.

That's how I play. It's what wins the game of life.

Be firm, but fair. And please don't act weird and not be prepared (like we won't ask you) to swipe a credit card IF it makes sense.

At least if you've invested a paltry $7 (or gone through my free shyt) coming into this call then it means you're trying to understand where I'm coming from versus just jumping on a call uninvested into our mission.






We just wanna deal with real ones on all levels and will show you the VIP treatment if you play that way.

I'm as direct as they come because I only want to work with people serious about transformation and getting results.


Here's some things you should know about me and the team before you decide to book a call.


1. We are real as phuck. We call a spade a spade because we're all about getting breakthroughs.

2. If you consider being direct rude, you're not for us.  We only wanna work with people who are serious about coaching and who have thin skin and can show up super transparent and vulnerable.

Anything else is fair game.

3. WE ARE NOT GURUS. We just figured out some shyt everyone wants, but most aren't qualified to receive.


We will help you in any way possible provided you are coachable.


If you aren't that person there are plenty of free resources we provide outside our circle.

We just want world-class as a minimum standard when you're rocking with us.

There is light at the end of this tunnel.

They made us work for results in the Marine Corps, so I'm going to show you what being nothing less than world-class looks like.